The Super SaaS


Thoughts and ramblings

There’s a hierarchy to use-cases.

A lower-order use case is something like “I want a tool that helps me organize my data better”.

A higher-order use case is something like “I want a tool that helps me sell more of my product”.

Most SaaS’ are specialized in lower-order use cases.

Why? Because it’s prohibitively complex to solve a higher-order use case by building from scratch.

Instead, only by combining the right SaaS together can you realistically solve higher-order use cases.


If you want a tool that helps you sell more of your product, you need to be able to do at least the following: (a) find the right target customers, (b) organize your data effectively, (c) outreach to your audience in the right channels, and (d) deploy effective messaging.

And guess what? There’s thousands of SaaS companies specialized in every one of those categories.

If you knew which SaaS was most effective in different situations – and in what combinations – you could join them together to do things no regular SaaS could do alone.