Find qualified leads in real-time

Real-time searches across platforms. Upload your own leads. Maximal contact info discovery.

Looking after your team

Not another lead gen tool

Looking after your team

Not another lead gen tool

Supercharge your team

Real-time searches

We conduct real-time searches for leads, Instead of relying on databases with previously stored info, which ensures that the leads you receive are as fresh as possible.

Cross-platform discovery

The internet is an incredible source of qualified prospects, from LinkedIn to Google Maps to Instagram. Tap into all platforms to find your best customers.

Tailored for you

Upload your own leads

Upload your own leads into our system and use all our features seamlessly.

Better insights

Enrich leads with more info

Once you have leads that you uploaded or found through our system, find their contact info and other valuable info, like LinkedIn profile, details, Instagram handle + followers/ following count, etc.

Maximize email discovery

We combine database approaches + algorithmic approaches to find the best email. We're powered by various SaaS tools. This maximizes email discovery and minimizes bounce rates.

Take it for a spin

Your Personal AI Sales Assistant Awaits.

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