The Super SaaS

Combine the world's best SaaS to grow your business

A Super SaaS can do things no SaaS can do alone, but works like a regular product with a specific use case.

They are built by linking together the best-in-class SaaS companies from various business verticals – from marketing to data to operations – to solve specific business problems.

Sell more to independent retailers

Automatically book sales meetings with qualified prospects

Get endorsements from the right influencers on Instagram and TikTok

Automate your internal communications

More coming soon...

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Tap into the power of the entire SaaS ecosystem

Unmatched power

Combine SaaS optimally to grow your business in a way no one SaaS could ever do alone, and take advantage of the entire tech sector’s explosion in growth in the last decade. 

Unmatched simplicity

Everything is preconfigured for you. You don’t have to learn a dozen SaaS tools. They will all function invisible for you in the background.

Unmatched ROI

You subscribe to each SaaS independently, and you pay me nothing directly. Yes, it really works like this. Even if you tried setting everything up yourself, it’d cost you the exact same. 

The first Super SaaS helped brands get stocked in 1000's of new Cafes Coffee shops Gift shops Restaurants Bars Beer stores Art centers Cocktail bars Gastropubs Winebars Wine stores Gyms Boutiques Spice stores

The first Super SaaS was targeted at food and beverage brands, and has initiated 1000’s of conversations with independent retailers and gotten brands stocked in numerous new locations.


Super SaaS' with many use cases are about to be released

Sell to more independent retailers

Status: fully released

Target industry(s): food and beverage brands 

Last updated: Dec-29-2022

Automatically book sales meetings with qualified prospects

Status: in beta

Last updated: Dec-29-2022

Get notified on release

More coming soon...

Status: in beta

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A new pricing model

Unbeatable pricing

For each Super SaaS, you make your own accounts for each required tool, give me your login info, and I’ll do the rest. 

You pay me nothing directly. I have affiliate partnerships with each software tool, meaning I get a percentage of your monthly subscription payment from the software tools, not from you.

If you signed up for these accounts yourself, it would cost you the exact same amount. 

Each Super SaaS is made of different SaaS combinations and so is priced differently.

How to get started

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2. Wait 24 hrs for setup

3. Go live

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