Write a different message to each lead instantly

Automatically ingest data about each lead's background, profile, history, to write the perfect message to maximize response rates. No two messages are ever the same.

use the power of AI

"So good it's scary"

^ Real quote from a customer

use the power of AI

"So good it's scary"

^ Real quote from a customer

Supercharge your Sales Funnel

Maximize response rates

Make every contact feel like you personally researched their background before reaching out. Only reach out to contacts with the right background. Double your response rates*.

* Actual customer result.

Unique message to each lead

Take your general message and adapt it specifically to each lead in a relevant way, taking into account factors like their:

  • Profile summary

  • Education and experiences

  • Occupation and company history

  • If they're a place, reivews, address, rating, description.

  • And more.

Better insights

Use AI to tweak messages

Tap into the power of GPT-4 + our proprietary models to redefine your sales process.

Stop landing in spam

Sending the same templated message over and over again, with only variables like "Hey {{NAME}}" increases your chance of landing in spam. Generate truly tailored messaging today.

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